Agricultural measuring Instruments And Their Uses, जानिए कृषि में उपयोग होने वाले महत्वपूर्ण मापक यन्त्रों के बारे में

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Agricultural measuring Instruments And Their Uses.

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Important Agricultural measuring Instruments And Their Uses :-

S.n. Measures/Uses Instruments
1. Measurement of maximum Temperature (Mercury use) Maximum Thermometer
2. Measurement of minimum temperature (alcohol use) Minimum Thermometer
3. Measurement of rainfall amount Rain gauge
4. Continuous air temperature Thermograph
5. Measurement of atmospheric temperature Barometer
6. Measurement of wind velocity/speed Anemometer
7. Measurement of wind direction Wind vane
8. Measurement of relative humidity Hygrometer/psychometer
9. Density of gases Aerometer
10. Pressure of ground water Piezometer
11. Specific gravity of soil Pycnometer
12 measurement of specific gravity of liquids Hydrometer
13. Measurement of plant growth Cresco Graph/Auxanometer
14. Measurement of root pressure Monometer
15. Measurement of osmosis Osmometer
16. Continuous record of relative humidity Hygrograph
17. Measurement of radiation reflectivity or albedo of sunlight Albedometer
18. Measurement of wavel ength of light Spectrophotometer
19. Measurement of direct solar radiation Pyrheliometer
20. Measurement of soil moisture tension (0.8 bar) Tensiometer/Irrometer
21 Measurement of transpiration rate Potometer
22 Measurement of evaporation rate Pan Evaporimeter
23 Measurement of evapo-transpiration Lysimeter
24 Measurement of porosity Porometer
25 Measurement of purity of milk or fat percentage in milk Lactometer
26 Measurement of height Altimeter
27. Measurement of dew Drosometer
28. Measurement of water infiltration rate Infiltrometer
29. Measurement of electric current Galvanometer
30. Photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) Quantum sensor

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