AGRONOMY One Liner | Objective Agronomy Best For IBPS AFO, Mandi Nirikshak, RAEO RHEO, ICAR, PAT l PART 1

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Agronomy One Liner / Objective Agronomy :-

Agronomy one liner questions


The one liner below has been created with the help of many books and internet. With which AGRIFIELDEA hopes that this one liner will prove to be beneficial for your agriculture examinations in various subjects like – State PAT, ICAR, IARI, JRF, RAEO, RHEO, Pre PG, JET, AO, AFO, ARO, Agriculture supervisor , BHU, PSC Etc.

If you feel that any one liner has any type of error, then please write it in the comment.  And also share your opinion.
S.No. Questions Answer
1. Father of Agronomy Pietro de’Crescenzi
2. Crop has Highest Cultivated area in the world. Wheat
3. Study or Cultivation of Grass is known as – Agrostology
4. The yearly sequence and spatial arrangement of crops and fallow in an area related to – Cropping Pattern
5. Origin of Rice Burma
6. Origin of Wheat Central Asia (Turkey)
7. Origin of Sugarcane New Guinea
8. Origin of Maize Maxico
9. Origin of Tobacco Central America
10. Origin of Groundnut Brazil
11. Study of Desert is known as Eremology
12 Botanical Name of Rice Oryza sativa
13 The Rice Inflorescence is known as Panicle
14 The optimum PH Soil for Rice Cultivation 4 – 6
15. India has the largest area in rice cultivation in the world which is about 45 millon.ha
16. Dwarf mutant variety of rice Jagannath
17. Production of tea Tsiology
18. Measurement tool of plant growth Cresco Graph/Auxanometer
19. Seed rate of rice cultivation in broadcasting 100 kg/ha
20. Seed rate of rice cultivation in drilling method 60 kg/ha
21. Idea of super rice was given by G.S. Khus
22 Golden rice is a rich source of vitamin A
23. Wind velocity measured by Anemometer
24. Wind direction measured by Wind van
25. Dapog method of raising nursery of rice has been introduced in India from Philippines

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