Mcqs on Agriculture | Objective Questions and Answer For Agricultural Exams, PART -3


Mcqs on Agriculture:-

Top best mcqs on Agriculture

The MCQs / Quiz given below have been made with the help of many books and internet.  Due to which AGRIFIELDEA  hopes that it will prove beneficial for your examinations of various subjects related to agriculture such as – STATE PAT, ICAR, IARI, JRF, RAEO, RHEO, Pre PG, JET, AO, AFO, ARO, Agriculture supervisor,  BHU, PSC Etc.

Mock test / Mcqs on Agriculture :- 

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1. Which crop is called the king of cereal crops?

ANSWER= (B) Wheat


2. Which crop is called the Queen of cereal crops?

ANSWER= (C) Maize


3. ‘Red Rot’ Disease Related to___

    •  B

ANSWER= (A) Sugarcane


4. Crop loan is a___

ANSWER= (A) Short term loan


5. Which Crop is known as the King of Pulses ?

A) Moong


6.  Which Crop is known as the Queen of Pulses ?



7. 4th December is celebrated as :-___

ANSWER= (B) Agriculture Women’s Day


8. World Environment Day celebrated on :- 

ANSWER= (C) 5 June


9. ICAR (Indian Council of Agriculture Research) Day celebrated on :- 

ANSWER= (D) 16 July


10. Yellow colour in Payaya is due to : –

ANSWER= (A) Caricaxanthin


11. ‘Tsiology’ is related to which of the following Crop ?



12. ‘Agrostology’ is related to :- 

ANSWER= (C) Grass cultivation


13. ‘Moriculture’ is related to :-

ANSWER= (B) Mulberry cultivation


14. Gray Revolution is related to :-

ANSWER= (C) Manure and Fertilizers


15. Which Pigment is the reason for the pungency in chili ?

ANSWER= (B) Capsaicin


16. Which crop is known as ‘Mini Fertilizer Crop’?

ANSWER= (D) Pigeon Pea


17. ‘CHANCHAL’ is a variety of :-

ANSWER= (B) Brinjal


18. ‘Panjab Chhuhara’ is a Pear Shaped variety of___

ANSWER= (B) Tomato


19. Stooling is the most common and cheapest method of Propagation in___

ANSWER= (A) Guava


20. Water logging Resistance variety of Paddy is ___

ANSWER= (B) Japonica


21. Inflorescence of Rice is known as:-

ANSWER= (B) Panicle


22. Calcium Ammonium Nitrate is also known as ___

ANSWER= (A) Kisan Khad


23. ‘Pomology’ is related to ___

ANSWER= (C) Study of Fruit production


24. Jamun is also known as___

ANSWER= (C) Black Plum


25. Which of the following animal is called ‘Poor Man’s Cow’?


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reference  This collection contains 25 important questions of general agriculture form previous years CGPAT exam

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